This website exists by popular demand…Sue Swift, an itinerant writer, after many journeys and adventures, has found herself in
Luoyang, China, teaching English to kindergarteners.
Her previous travels were chronicled on Facebook,
but alas, that site is blocked in China.
A friend suggested that Sue start her own website.

When last our intrepid heroine was able to post on Facebook, she was in Hong Kong, exploring the many mysteries of that fabled city. This site begins when and where her Facebook page ended. Click on the pages listed at the left
to resume your travels with Susan.

Folks, I know this site is primitive, but please bear with me as my skills increase, and do keep writing to me at I'll post the most cogent comments. Thanks for accompanying me on my journeys.  

May, 2010:

I'm home in California now and preparing for a
lengthy stint caring for my aged mother.

Thanks for following me on my journey.